8 wholesale trends to stock for your store this winter

Fleek’s insights into Winter 22/23 trends /  Take a look at our top, in-demand products for winter 22/23

Winter is just around the corner. As secondhand becomes first-choice, it’s just as important to know what’s trending in the world of vintage as it is in the world of fast-fashion – and don’t they feed into one another? This year, dressing means playing around with some of the key trends dominating the runways in Autumn/Winter 2022, as well as experimenting with more stylish and alt streetwear looks.

At Fleek, we’ve collected data from our customers, and their customers, on what’s selling right now and with the best margins! Read on to stay up to date with the latest trends, make the most of the season, and to ensure that your store doesn’t get left behind this Winter 22/23!

1. The North Face Nuptse

Launched in 2018, the North Face Nuptse puffer is here to stay. Celebrity wearers, designer collaborations, and streetwear loyalists have turned this item into an icon of Gorpcore. The trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Fashion lovers both young and old continue to seek out The North Face Nuptse at the best prices. 

No vintage seller will have missed the 400% rise in North Face puffer jackets in recent years, and they continue to be one of the most searched-for vintage items across every reselling platform. 

Handpick yours with Riaaj or explore the collection.

2. Hype Branded Puffers

Closely following the Nuptse, but no less deserving, are hype brand streetwear puffers. Customers are hunting for Canada Goose, Arc’teryx, Moncler, and Stone Island pieces to face the cold of winter weather and look steezy while doing it. 

Offering a range of branded puffers will grab everyone’s eye, no matter what fit, color, or logo they’ve been searching for. Compete with fast fashion stores’ uniformed and reproduced responses by maintaining a range of offers for customers this winter. 

Handpick with one of our wholesalers and make sure to ask for pre-authenticated pieces! While shopping designer can be risky, it really doesn’t have to. Most of our sellers are happy to pre-authenticate ahead of your handpick. Our top seller? Thrift Kings. 

3. Afghan coats

This year, stores like Urban Outfitters and Asos are pushing out afghan coats in all colors and styles. But customers are not quick to forget that these coats have a long history.

Kate Hudson’s Penny Lane character has meant that the coat is popularized not just for 70s aesthetics, but Y2K looks. The coat remains playful and effortlessly stylish. What better way to respond to the trend than to offer coats that made their way through hippie fashion scenes before making its way to your customers? 

Shop here, or handpick here.

4. Burberry trench

A Burberry Trench is one of those lifetime coats that everyone is always on the hunt for. This couldn’t be more true this season. Following the viral success of Matilda Djerf and ‘Scandi’ fashion, the trench coat is an essential piece of this season’s trends. The chic minimalism of a Burberry trench offers everything you need to satisfy customers on the hunt to recreate these looks. 

Our top Burberry sellers: 786 Vintage Rags, S R Enterprises, Old is Gold, Retro Fashion, Bhau Enterprise.

5. Rework branded sweatshirt

More popular than ever, reworked pieces are an easy way of carrying branded pieces that offer something truly unique to customers this winter. Upcycling is super hot this winter and reworked sweatshirts offer the best way to showcase this trend.

Best of reworked:

6. Coogi & Coogi style knit jumpers

These are the OG vintage knits. These knits are a must-have in your store this season and Fleek offers the very best quality and prices.

Endorsed by Biggie Smalls, the jumper became a staple of the next generation of hip-hop artists. On the track ‘One More Chance’ he boasts ‘I stay Coogi down to the socks’. 

Coogi and Coogi style bundles.

Handpick with Blackstone Vintage.

7. Long Y2K skirts

Vintage maxi skirts are in the spotlight this winter. Driven by brands such as Urban Outfitters, a long skirt is a perfect way to bring in a feminine item to the winter layers. Whether it’s woollen, denim, tartan or cargo, long skirts are in high demand. Low-waist skirts bring the y2k look, while body-hugging long skirts bring a silhouette back to winter outfits.  

Winter skirts:

8. Branded fleeces

Last but not least, outdoor streetwear comes into its own during the winter months. Fleeces are not only a top-demanded vintage item, but they represent peak functionality and style. Outdoor fashion that brings hiking, camping, and climbing aesthetics to the streets has seen Gorpcore rise to one of the most desired looks. Patagonia, The North Face, Denali, and Ralph Lauren Fleeces are authenticated and bundled at great prices by Fleek. 

Handpick: Thrift Kings

Bundle: Patagonia Community Picks.

If you want to get these hot items at the best quality and prices, Fleek is a safe and trusted way to source all your trendy winter pieces this season. We verify every single seller before they join the platform and you have full buyer protection with us. See How it works and take a look at our FAQs for more information. And as always, drop us a line and say hi – we check all our messages! hello@joinfleek.com

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